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Cracked open in no man s land ( poem )

Like the earthquake on the Mother Earth's body Cracking open in my heart I have no power for any more control No ability left in my cells in my body to stitch this crack with illusory plasters Temporary and plastic

In the name of devotion I free fall in the gap of the crack The journey is dark, lonely and painful As I free-fall I look up at the sky

Its' glowing stars keep me company Reminding me, I’m a child of the universe The wind whispers in my ears secrets long forgotten in the free fall Friendships go Attachments dissolve Deeper, more radical Change s brewing beneath the rumbles of the earth Like a sleeping dragon, it begins to roar with tenacity too hard to ignore

Fear nothing my child The whisper of the universe says

For you are held at all times In the abyss of your soul I play the strings of your inner music Let yourself be played by the hands of god on a harpe Let the melody of your heartache The sobbing of your pain Become the throbbing sound of your new earth drum Calling home all of you All ancestors All brothers and sisters Let the lakes in your eyes water the drenched fig trees in your countryyard For that all you have that s all you are

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