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On being lived

Are we breathing or being breathed ?

Are we living or being lived ?

Are we grieving or being fiercely grieved 

So that Grace lands in our hearts 

Burst open 

Ready , to receive our light

Can we let love own us ?



Can we let go of the grasp

And be woven by Spirits wisdom 

Carefully threaded around this

Universal infinite loop

Intricately  interconnected 

Like the mycelium under your feet

As above 

So below

Who or what is control of life ?

Watch sun s tenacity 

And the moons consistent 


Effortlessly here 


Auspicious knowing

Life is not effort

But the let go of any grasp on effort ing

Life is here to live itself

Through the uniqueness of you

Will you let you be threaded

In the most exquisite tapestry

And be surprised at the patterns?

Will you let yourself be amused 

In each breath 

And folllwing the murmuration of you inner knowings ?

Will you , simply, trust ?

Maria Kefalogianni

Flow of consciousness poetry

image Image Lucie Drlikova in The Cosmic Dancer


Flow of consciousness poetry

Maria Kefalogianni

May 2024

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