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The hungry ghosts ( poem - Feb 2022)

The hungry ghosts and silent screams

Let them be seen Let them roar in the deafening silence of your heart hear their well buried voice Hear - as their dusted song is emerging from the ashes

Hear those ghosts and fear NOT

For they are holding hidden treasures and gems of times agone For they are singing us back from oblivion into life For they are the secret holders of all times

Listen up Listen to their whispers as you lay in bed For they seek refuge your recognition your love

They whisper in your closed heart to open

“Open to us all “ they silently whisper Open- to All the pain the grief and the suffering witnessed eons before you were born” And you are frozen in bed lying - wishing for the dream to stop... a frightened child you close your eyes pretending the ghosts aren’t there ... ....until your soul takes the lead :

“We ll be in this together “ “Hold my hand as we walk into the fire pit ; and don’t forget your prayer , your faith , nor your mission; to LOVE And BE love ; Feel my holding of your hand in every step.. together we ll stop feeding those hungry ghosts for the rest of the eternity “

Maria Kefalogianni, February 2022

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