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Supervision- a space to hold hope for the future

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

The great disruption is upon us... There is no doubt about the fact that we are facing un-precedented challenges ahead ,and for the past few years we have lived, experienced and tasted the chaos, ... Don't lose Hope. I wonder how our ancestors lived at great times of distress.

As David Whyte says “ we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors… we honour them.." We also want to become GOOD ancestors.. when our grandchildren ask us "How did you cope in the great disruption grandma?" We do need to have a good answer, we owe it to them, to us, to the people before us and the ones after us...

I am passionate about the role that Supervision can play owards the collective RE -making of our species and RE- igniting the passion and thrust for life and wellbeing..

( Counselling) Supervisors are space holders, robust courageous compassionate beings amidst a profession that is increasingly facing more demands in terms of : lack resources , relentless exposure to trauma and distress due to the socio,economic and natural disasters . Practitioners ,psychotherapists - and allied professions to this effect- AND Supervisors are faced with a golden opportunity and a huge task... to hold others to NOT fall into fear and "victim mentality" ... but equip the people they are working with the right resources and flare for Love, over Fear, to adapt and bring change WHERE they are situated. Respond to how things ARE vs Should BE.

Once again, and not with less passion , I am preparing to welcome the new cohort of Supervisors in one of our courses at the University of Salford! I am so excited and always challenged, to un-learn the ways I tend to fall into my own oblivion and comfort.

If you are interested to know more, please inox me or visit us here

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