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The bell of life

Sitting in the magnificence of the woods in Ireland (Rostrevor), this body craved silence .

My sleeping baby in the pram

My breath in my chest

I surrender to life in aloneness so Grace can hold me

Oh, these sweet moments when life flows through like the river stream next to me - I become one with life , not that I ever separate from life .

I hear the bell chimes of a nearby church

And simply in the surrender a poem headline comes through

( the bells of life )

( this s how I know these days a poem is in its emergence,a title is given, I type the title am given by Grace and the rest flows , in blind faith trust and surrender -. and just like life the bells of life, never asks for amend nor planning neither polishing ,

Merry Christmas to all


I hear the chamber of life as it vibrates through the bells of the church nearby

A temple for my heart

The bells of our birthing

Are resounding the song of Christ, the Buddha, the Divine

The bells of life Waiting to be lived

these bells


Not embellished like Something on the outside

Or hung

On a temporary Christmas tree


Not polished nor believed

Not sparkly nor not sparkly

I want to talk about these bells

The bells of our inner radiance

Our inner life

Stirrings of Grace from within

I want to talk about those bells

And of course, nothing s wrong with the bells

We hang on a tree at Christmas

That s a ritual, too- a door to our inner bell stirrings

The bell of living life can embrace all

but oh how this bell of life wants to be sound

As it hangs in the depths of my heart

My sacred temenos

Reverberating in the sound of the wind

The rustle of the tree s leaves

The sound of people nearby and the kids laughter

The sound of my breath

This Bell has no place to hang, yet it s fully held and holds life

Breathe life into the bells of your heart

And let their pristine sound echo across the universe

Let you be the bell that embellishes the trees around you

Let you hang in true surrender on the tree of life

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