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From Person to Presence

I'm Maria Kefalogianni, a Greek immigrant residing in Manchester since 2007. As a psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience, my journey has led me to develop Presence Centered Psychotherapy (PCP) after a transformative shift in consciousness. I navigated a two-year dark night of the soul, leading to profound awakening experiences. 

My calling is to help liberate others from limiting beliefs, guiding them through trauma release and embodying unity love consciousness. Life, for me, is a continuous dialogue with greater intelligence, marked by synchronicities, abundance, and deep joy. I invite others to surrender for inner peace and joy, emphasizing the recognition of their unique qualities.

In my work, I align with non-dual approaches, blending humanistic principles. I meet individuals where they are, honouring their uniqueness, and gently pointing them back to their truth. My approach integrates teachings from various traditions and emphasizes embodied presence to avoid spiritual bypassing. I do not call this a practice as it is an unfolding of moment to moment awareness, offering a profound space of presence fuelled with a tender heart and pristine clarity, where I use your own wording to point you back to your inner truth. I invite you to look deeper within yourself and discover your essence.

Besides private practice, I've taught counselling and supervision courses at a university for the past 10 years, enriching my understanding of different awareness levels. Personally, I find nourishment in activities like swimming, meditation, dance, yoga, and the simplicity of everyday life.

Training and Qualifications

College of Sound Healing 

Sound Healing practitioner Diploma with the voice : College of Sound Healing

Keele University 

MSc Counselling Psychology (Distinction; 2yrs) Bacp Accredited course
Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling Supervision (Keele University)- Qualified supervisor (1yr)

Salford University

PostGraduate Certificate in Academic Practice

University of Rethymnon, Crete

BSc Philosophy and Social Studies (1st Honours; 4yrs)

Other relevant training 

Spiritual/self Inquiry since 2008 - ongoing ( Exploring the nature of consciousness ; our sense "I am").

Trauma Informed Mindfulness Facilitation Training

Foundation in Shamanic Practice 

Foundation Certificate in Group Analysis -Group Analysis North; (1y)

Compassion Focused Therapy Training - level 2

Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy Training - Level 2

Reiky Energy Healing - Level 2

Certificate in constellation work


 " You do not have to be good .You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. "

Green tea

Presence-centered inquiry

  "The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.  Don’t go back to sleep. ( Rumi )".

This is such a potent saying. Life is full of wonder and joy, and sometimes we need support by someone who has had the experiential understanding of the path of the mystics. 

 I stay rooted in my radical belief and trust in your actualising tendency (Carl Rogers ,1963) . This is your ongoing innate, organic and motivational life force, trying to reach its full expression and potential. I stay rooted in the recognition that your disconnect IS a portal to your inner liberation. 

This belief keeps me grounded in the knowing that you are your own healer, guru, teacher, no matter how disconnected you feel from your inner truth. My direct experience is my anchor. I value congruence and deep compassion. My influences and direct experience of the non-dual state means that there is a direct knowing that we are undivided and eternal; and that all suffering arises due to the illusion of separateness. There are a lot of paths in the spiritual community; but you carve your own. Gathering intellectual knowledge wont lead to the awakening to the true nature. In my experience , direct experience and direct inquiry will. It's an inside job. This might look like revisiting the question "who am I " or "where does this thought arise in" ; use Byron's Katie's work or looking our direct inner/outer experience with fresh eyes openness and curiosity. Spotting the ways you resist life (reject parts of yourself) becomes a big part of the work. It is mind blowing to recognise how much we do not live life but label, judge, describe life. You are safe with me. Experiencing your struggles can feel emotionally draining, difficult and painful. At times it might lead to moments of crisis or long-lasting sense of desolation and hopelessness. Some people go deeply into their spiritual emergence during a process of awakening. We welcome any crisis as a divine invitation. I know it is from direct experience.
My practice is awareness based, rooted in the body. I don't aim to achieve a particular state but rather through a gentle process of deconstruction we work together to recognise the ever presence consciousness that s here and forms all experience. Cultivating deeper layers of awareness helps you to fully understand your inner world, accept it for what is and see that all your suffering is pointing you back to your inner truth, which isn't other than love. Depending where you are on your journey I adjust my pace and congruent non-dual pointers to the unified existence that fits your stage of awareness. 

This way of working is not about growing confidence in the conventional sense or becoming a better person, but rather realising experientially that our true nature has always been free and boundless. This realisation can bring forth significant shifts in your experience, behaviour, world view and requires at times a careful and ethical approach.

Suffering and wounding perpetuates itself as there are parts of each individual’s self that have not healed but have remained  buried in darkness. I am here to help you develop an anchor in your already innate spacious self;so that sitting with your parts, your feelings, your difficulties and what ever emerges becomes effortless. Insight, Self compassion and an attitude of curiosity are all traits of your natural self. I have witnessed that when people begin to love themselves deeper they organically connect to more joy and awe in their lives. It’s a joy and a rare privilege to support you in this journey.

if you feel called in your heart, don't hesitate, get in touch to enquire more about this type of work together .

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