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Presence Centred Psychotherapy  for the

I am a holistic/ -spiritual psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience. I have been a trainer of psychotherapists for over 12 years , in the Person centred approach. I am a counselling supervisor and supervisor trainer , mindfulness facilitator & sound healing practitioner. I also offer group work for : mothers; therapists and seekers on the spiritual path.

My latest organic step brought by life is my offering in non-dual guidance/mentoring for spiritual seekers or people who have undergone spiritual awakenings and wish to integrate their self- realisation in an embodied way. Awakening can be messy and intense process. Helping people with their spiritual emergence which often involves kundalini energetic experiences is part of my offerings, informed by the highest teaching: my own direct experience.

My practice is trauma- informed and presence -informed.  My core training was in the Person Centred Approach. An approach of the path of the heart. Through many years of inner self -exploration and acquisition of knowledge on various modalities, alongside my experience as a trainer I am in a strong place to bring knowing and knowledge from a wide range of ways integrating the mind and the heart. 


I congruently draw from Trauma-Informed Mindfulness practice, IFS ( internal family systems model), process experiential therapies, Jungian " shadow work" and the transpersonal; I have a fascination of working within the field of constellations and exploring where our ancestral burdens seek freedom. MY own inner journey has been strongly somatic and embodied so inevitably i bring this in my work. I also trust the wisdom of the arts and draw on creative ways including the power of sound healing. 

I meet you where you are and adjust my practice to meet your needs.

 More so the past few years, it seems to be common that I am sought out by people who are bringing spirituality more into their lives or people who have had glimpses of oneness or peak/transformative experiences and wish to make sense of these.

My practice has organically involved working in the field of the non-dual; entering with care and ethical discernment the portals that are present in the space between us. 

Non-dual approach or heart based inquiry is here to point to the unfragmented self that is always present and has been in your life. In this way, this way of working can complement psychotherapy practice, offering a subtle yet potent perspective towards inner revelation and freedom. 

I am humbled by the journey my clients take and it is a real honour to walk alongside them

Sound Healing - With the Voice

I have trained as a Sound Healing Practitioner with the voice. It’s is known from the scientific world that   everything in the universe is vibrating and everything has its own unique frequency. We get dis-ease when those natural frequencies get misaligned; 

My healing practice with the voice is safe and very gentle. Clients have reported  immediate results and changes in their life; as it accesses your higher wisdom. The fact that as a form of healing it does not require  stories and concepts, makes it a direct path to your inner truth. You will receive therapeutic healing sounds, which will resonate and re-calibrate your system. In my sound work I also make use of tuning forks, and chimes to promote and deepen your relaxation. The power and vibration of the sound has a soothing effect for you at a cellular level. The benefits of sound healing are many: alleviate anxiety & stress, alleviate pain, help you tune into your higher self- intuition- and reach effortless insights, helps with sleep and embodying a sense of ground-ness. It supports to quieten the busy mind and allows you to reconnect with your inner truth , which has an effortless and peaceful quality. 

Sound healing helps the body do what it knows best. It assists you in your return to a state of wholeness. The state of consciousness of the practitioner and ethic is paramount importance. I enter the field of sounds perfectly empty and emptily perfect, trusting blinding what ever emerges, and trusting my and your intuitive wisdom to guide us for your highest good and wellbeing. 

My background and knowledge withing trauma informed approaches, places me in a strong position as a holistic practitioner to support you appropriately in leaving the session feeling grounded . Talking therapy alongside can also assist further with the process of  integrating these change brought forward by the healing of the sounds. It can be combined with therapy, if preferred and agreed it is right, I often find this is not needed. Contact me to enquire for more if you are unsure about this way of working.

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Accessing presence through creativity- sandtray- imagery cards- sound

My work integrates creative and embodied ways of knowing /understanding and processing. I integrate imagery cards / journalling / breathwork / sound and rituals informed by shamanic philosophies. I draw from body oriented methods to bring the body as the most  active part in your healing process. It is after all a sacred vessel holding all of your life's experiences.  There is a mystic and an artist in all of us and there is no expectation to have a “creative talent” as such. Sandtray work ; is a transformational and insightful way of working.  You will be asked to create a miniature world ( a constellation ) of your presenting issue. We use miniature objects as the symbols that help to cement and represent your unconscious. It can be very revealing and a playful way of exploration. The tray is a safe therapist/ container , holding your inner conflicts. I am guided by your creations at all times.  Revelations and insights occur with processing the symbolic meanings the objects safely carry for you; awaiting you for their discovery. 

Where appropriate, I might integrate sound in the work with the sand... This is where sand meets sound to produce your own unique and magical soundtray! .

 I make use of Jungian archetype cards and imagery cards as another way to help you process and make sense of your difficulties, as well as connect with your inner resources that will help you discern the ways of resolution for your inner conflicts. I use Russian dolls , creative journaling/ digital diary/ song writing/ soul song/ and adopting metaphors from nature to support your growth. creativity flows into the space to land and be captured in ways you make sense of your world.

 Presence centered Supervision

I offer supervision to practitioners in the field of psychotherapy, supervisors/ counselling trainers , and people in helping professions. I trained in the Hawkins & Shohet integrative model. I have been offering supervision services since 2013 to individuals and groups. I am currently a trainer for supervisors in training at Salford University. My approach is presence and process informed with a lens on non-duality and embodiment of how spirit ( or client's and you life force) is calling to be revealed. In other words, working from presence it means my work tunes into your highest wisdom and its calling it forth. IT s already available for you. In the supervision space I integrate creative methodologies; where this is welcome, agreed and if it supports your professional growth. I work both face to face  & online and offer walk & talk supervision. Being in nature is a wonderful way to bathe in presence. The first meeting is offered free of charge to establish if there is resonance between us.
Supervision is one of my passion as it allows the is-ness of our reality to enrich the work. It is fused with pristine clarity and a tender heart.
Together we tenderly expose and alchemise stories and beliefs, assumptions which often derive from our conditioned minds ( the hive mind) ; and enter the field of presence, or universal heart ( the unconditioned mind). I work with people who are willing and ready to look within with courage and faith.I will hold you with fierce compassion as we playfully and lovingly catch all the unconscious processes at play, we can bathe in the unity of the inner knowing. I don't see myself as separate to you. I'm very open relational and always open to receiv feedback on the process. I love to assist my supervisees to harness the power of their intuition and nourish the sharpness of their intellect. Working in a presence informed way, sometimes means that clients shift even without supervisee's active intervention. Simply by working in this depth, it can bring potent ripple effects for all parties involved. With careful attention, all answers are  emergent in the here and now of the supervisory relationship. I look forward to meet all of you.
Working at home
Training / Consultancy

I am passionate about a much needed culture change in organisations. I am a huge believer of human potential. I offer consultancy for teams or managers who might be in crisis or struggle to fulfil the duties within their roles . My training in holding groups alongside my further training in supervision and training of supervisors  ,leaves me equipped to step in as an "outsider" , with a fresh perspective and work with you' to help you renew the energy within your team. Re ignite your inner passionate leadership. Involving mindfulness sessions for teams is a great way to foster presence and innovation.

I also offer consultancy and training to teaching staff and schools ,about trauma informed education.

Attuning to Presence Group: 

There is a quite revolution under way; One which points to all life being sacred; One which reveals the inherent love that we are, expressing through our inique personality.   This group is about aligning the human in the divine, by Surrendering to the fulness of our humanity . Together, through  heart inquiry ( or as known spiritual self-inquiry, meditations Q & A ), we attune to presence, so our being supports the being of others.  Through humility compassion playfulness and presence, we make space to alchemise and transmute the shadow into gold. 

In this group you will gain deeper understanding  into the myth of separation with others and the world around you. The group is concerned with the deepest truth of who we are; inquiring this way involves letting go of all that doesnt serve us. The stories beliefs concepts and ideas that don t hold our fulness in perspective, but perpetuate a sense of our suffering and victimhood in the world. YET are the very portals to discovering this essence. What we are is free of all bondage. This state doesnt eliminate our human experience, we meet what ever arises for what is, and simply using it as an opportunity and a  line of inquiry, we embrace fully your humanity and cultivate deeper states of presence

Unconditional Love in its pure force intertwines with every facet of nature, and being. In this group there is no guru   , we are all teachers and students alike. My journey continues to deepen since the dissolution of this identity.( some call this awakening to the true nature ).

If you want to join reach out via email. We meet fortnightly ONLINE on a Saturday evening 8:30uk time starting January 20th. 

ps: We will meet for 7 sessions to begin with. Fee is on a sliding scale £22/£25/£30 per session . If post this group there s interest for more meetings the fee will drop and we ll share the love!

Disclaimer: Though this group is NOT a therapy group yet it can be utmost therapeutic,. It might be useful to have some meditative experience, if not please email me to discuss further, as we will be building deeper onto the "witness" part of ourselves. 

To book on this PLEASE email me to express your interest through the contactform below

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