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Life knocks on my door

Life Knocks in the visceral flesh of my body

As I walk around my day busy in my world and life

“Hey I’m here … “ she gently whispers and grounds me back into presence when all else s around is falling apart

So much exposure to vulnerability, fragility , life , death , existential touchstones around me l

Where to hold onto when all certainties fade away before my eyes?

The question dissolved the questioner, and the answer emerges organically with crystal clarity - from silence - the place of wisdom embodied by us all

Answer :

As my baby girl knocks from the “inside “ so does our life …calling us HERE in each inhale and exhale

Some call it “the call.” Do I hear it ?

In the passing of the wind

In the song of the birds at dawn when awake for my toddlers upset

In the laughter of my children innocently playing

The touch of my beautiful, loving husband

The whispers of the songs long forgotten but never gone

The call of the ancestors as I walk in my daily life

The vastness of the sky

The freedom in the tears shed

The warmth of the heart let to be expressed as it wants in each moment

The feeling of my smallness -

The potency of life's humble embrace to hold it ALL together

instantaneously paradoxical

I’m so small in this majestic universe -

decision-makingthis gives me immense comfort and a break from the illusion of control/ decision making/ responsibility

life knows how to BE

She knows before words are even formed

“Hey I’m here “

(February 2022-27 weeks pregnancy)

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