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Presence Centered Supervision

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

What would Presence Centered Supervision look like?

Honestly - I have no idea -; having said this, there is the emptiness of form, so spacious that playful exploration can be here.

When we sit with our clients and supervisees how much do we see them for what they are?

When we see an object, how truly do we see it for what it is? Our mind is SO quick to label, describe, judge, and evaluate. This process can be witnessed and fully accepted from a much deeper place

if we transfer this in supervision,

With a much deeper look, we will discover our mind chatter is filled with projections. Assumptions about our clients Imaginings of what would help Ideas stories, concepts of what should happen in the next session.. next moment

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. To the contrary, all of what occurs within IS a magnificent portal for more profound presence - with self and other ( until all separation melts away ).

- In presence-centered supervision, we open the door to all inner workings of the mind, lovingly and playfully catching all unconscious processes. We notice the tendency to polarise and engage in "this /or" conscious thinking. I tenderly point you to the place that is beyond polarities ( the home for presence/ love/ that can hold all that's arising with no fear ). This usually manifests as an "and- and" conscious thinking. You can keep all your boredom/frustration polarisation AND have your client.

The depth of holding of your client depends on the depth of holding of all of your parts/voices.

Together, we lift the cloud of illusion of knowledge imposed by society's standards, pressures, conditioning, past experiences, etc. We meet the moment for what it is.

In this fine-tuned investigation, love for truth must be at the core—truth for you as the supervisee, the clients and the world. Love for self-honesty, radical self-compassion, and playfulness. Truth is the knob to open the door for inner LOVE/unconditional presence.

In exploring together - with a tender heart and pristine clarity- we will discern the conditioned mind ( hive mind) from the absent/ present mind (innately fine tunes to what is present and what the situation calls forth). That dimension of consciousness does not need to be known or figured out to understand or even.

If this way of working resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you.

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