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Heart Inquiry Group Collective

There is a quite revolution under way; One which points to all life being sacred; One which reveals the inherent love that we are, expressing through our unique personality.   This group is about aligning the human IN/As the divine, by Surrendering to the fulness of our humanity . Together, through  heart inquiry ( or as known spiritual self-inquiry, meditations Q & A ), we attune to presence, so our being supports the being of others.  Through humility compassion playfulness and presence, we make space to alchemise and transmute the shadow into gold.

To Join the Collective express interest in emailing me and the reason why you want to join

Roots of Consciousness. Nurturing Neurodivergence and Spirituality. Bridging Science and Spirit. 

  • cross collaborate on projects with people with similar passions like you 

  • If you’re a researcher find a ready group of ND/ spiritual convergence and contribute to the shifting paradigm around studies of consciousness 

  • Recognise and celebrate your unique creativity and expression of this  : share this with our community and get the dopamine effect you need to get you going . We ll have share your art/ music/ poetry days 

  • Gain community support and resources on aspects of ND and how to unlock its gifts.

  • Gain insights from a psychotherapeutic expertise in integration and grounding for the energy of creation to be embodied and anchored in you 

  • Gain insights on usefulness of mindfulness and meditation that suits YOUR needs fused  from principles of TIM - trauma informed mindfulness-  

  • Gain and delve into various spiritual practices such as non dual self inquiry / heart inquiry sessions - group meetings and insights 

  • No more hiding or feeling in isolation!share your adhd story and/ or your spiritual awakening story as an ND and get immediate support and resonance !Join us here 

CPD Supervisor the Mystic; Caring for the Soul In Supervision

Innovative training and CPD for supervisors and experienced practitioners aspiring to become supervisors. Current course available: Counselling Supervisor: The Mystic - Caring for the Soul in Supervision Space. 

This experiential 1-day workshop is designed for counselling supervisors, trainee supervisors and counselling practitioners with at least 3 years post-qualifying experience who wish to explore and integrate spirituality into their current and future supervision practice. The course will explore the mystical aspects of supervision, allowing participants to tap into their innate spirituality and create a more holistic and transformative supervision space. You do not have to have a faith or adhere to any religious philosophy in order to benefit from this course.


Working with the soul/mystical experiences in Supervision can be a provocative and vulnerable topic. We will hold a respectful safe space for whatever you wish to bring to the day with us, respecting your beliefs and any spiritual path you might be following

MORE info on booking here 


Non Dual Psychotherapy Peer Support Network

This suppotrt group on Facebook is a growing community for people who are rooted and committed to bridging the gap between Science of Psychology/ and Spririt. We are a group of psychotherapists rooted /deepening in our awakening, researchers exploring non duality, and non-dual guides with long standing experience in guiding . Together we are contributing to a paradigm shift. Join us here

OneHeart Parenting Group

We are  tribe of parents walking the conscious path of the Un-business. Un-tangling , Un-learning Un doing Un-burdening, Un-derstanding deeper our essence and how to use parenthood to deepen our true understanding of Truth , and love. You will be so welcome just s you ARE, in all your magnificent sacred pain.

Join us here

Group Soul-Vision .
(PCPS Presence Centred Peer Supervision)

~If you are a qualified psychotherapist- with a deep interest in spirituality and harnessing and integrating this into your practice, join us in a peer support group. Email to express an interest . Integrating this dimension ethically and with integrity is crucial for this paradigm shift. 

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