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On #daydreaming

The Power of #Daydreaming : Reclaiming our innocence 

I am an #NDmother to ND kids… or HyperSensitive children, or children with diverseawakelifeforce , that I better stay ouf ot its way…

I was a  daydreamer since I remember me. Yesterday my son in conversation told me again “I’m sorry mum I wasnt listening I was daydreaming “.. he loses track of his attention often - like me- but where does he go?!

In my family I have been on my knees bruised in humility again and again to fully understand his brain - and mine,as I got my diagnosis in 2019, as #ADHD. To decolonising my being , so I truly meet him. This journey is infinitely deepening.

We actively  spend time to fully embrace his brain wiring which is so unique so I can fully lean in to the best of my ability into his wonderful and divergent ways of being and processing the world. And in doing so , delving deeper into mine. We are not separate .

The last time this happened (40minutes into brushing his teeth , he came up with a way to beat mortality 😅II was stunned  into silence - that s another post but will be going in my book on motherhood and spirituality) 

I give him full permission to daydream and not one day goes by I don’t tell him that his inner genius is hidden IN those moments of daydream. I never had that love . I had shame and judgement and criticism for being a girl and “so naughty “. Cultural conditioning, as a girl of a highly oppressed system and society. Despite this, i could be classed, seen to be quite a rebel, an anti authority, a “naughty girl” a defiant girl. All of it carried tons of shame for me deep down and imy body. I continue to de-colonise myself.

Anyway,this time it occurred to me to ask him “what happens when daydream strikes “ and it became obvious that he goes in “ no thought” a lot of the time . 

Other times he dreams in the world of symbols and imagery and other imaginative realms that are too precious to even interrupt . His teaching once again sparked this post here : 

We live in a society that has conditioned us that not following linearity is bad abnormal or pathological , we even want to medicate this in #adhd medication . #To pathologise deeply spiritual experiences we have.

My mission - part of it - is  to reclaim the potent inherent power IN daydreaming , especially for the neurodivergent community .-

The power IN our moments of REST and reset 

Into NO thought 

The resting IN being

The doing NOTHING is nothing more but the human s capacity to rejuvenate. There is so much language of pathologising and even limiting this to the neurodivergent labelling. 

Daydreaming is a form of spontaneous, self-generated stream of consciousness - or emptiness-  that occurs when our minds wander away from the present task or environment. It often involves visualizing scenarios, solving problems, or reflecting on past experiences and future goals.

Other times he reports for him, it simply involves “blank stare”. I used to get this all the time when I was little . People in meditation would know that to go into “no thought “is actually really rare … People with spiritual experiences, report that they touch what is known as “the void”. In contemplative traditions it resembles with going into void or associated into deeper dimensions of this reality . 

 I am a firm believer , that THIS day dreaming state or what I love to call the liminal space of our reality , the in between here and there space , is an inexhaustible life force and well of creativity and ideas. Once “awoke” enough it lives through us and through our human vessel. 

#Many adhd ers would confirm this !

I’m one of them!

From a #trauma informed mindfulness perspective it is these moments that our innate intelligence knows how to self soothe a system that has felt overwhelmed by ways of thinking that simply don’t fit the ND brain. 

My son , rightly so ,proclaims this kind of daydream  happens a lot in his school day .

 I remember those days myself , 

I would lose myself in the birds or trees outside my school window and a sharp teachers voice would bring me on an emergency landing in the boring classroom. I was an astute learner I loved to learn and be curious 

Other benefits of daydreaming ?

 Emotional Growth:

#Daydreadimg serves us to emotionally regulate . Resting IS growth . I spend enormous time in my day functioning these days from this liminality. Resting as a default has become a fledged way of living life . And here s an interesting paradox : 

My mind has unravelled at 4 times its speed as I have decolonised unmasked and returned to my undeniably here and now being ness and through my practice of self inquiry - let’s call this unmasking in adhd .

YET my voice has slowed down and my whole inner system and nervous system has felt more regulated than ever. -

I put this down to my hard inner work spiritual practice determination but more importantly NOT going against my own brain wiring . 

Daydreaming allowing us to have th helicopter view- a  vision of the bigger picture 

It is where hidden talents of neurodivergent community are hidden , pioneering thinkers innovation creativity out of the box thinkers 

#daydreaming allows us to be aspirant for the future it activates the DMN - ( Default Mode Network) - which in our brains is the part that is enhancing ability to plan and execute , and prepare for future challegenes , in my words it expands the window of our consciousness 

My son does his best in school the deeper I have unravelled my story and seen how I process and am in the world by nurturing his innate ways of being. 

We have had it HARD is not an exaggeration and it’s heartwarming to see his transformation - medication free - as an extension of mine .

From a non dual lens - this is about the nonseparation of our consciousness from our child’s consciousness

From ancestral and inter generational trauma perspective : this illuminates the healing that our children are representing that is still to be met felt and released .

   - Research Evidence: A study published in the journal Developmental Psychology found that children who engage in frequent daydreaming show higher levels of creativity and cognitive flexibility. It is true and I suggest practices to also ground this life force is important .

The power of imagination is our birthright. IT is time to fully reclaim it for our and our collective s greater good. 

So as an adult here is my invitation to you : 

  • When was the last time you daydreamdt ?

  • When was thelast time you allowed yourself to be fully absorbed by the eternity of your moment ?

  • Will you give yourself permission to REST as many times in your day ?

  • Will you decolonise yourself from the tyranny of “more” and “seeking” and begin reclaiming your innate innocence ?

Ps: I am neurodivergent having experienced a profound awakening so i will be launching a community that converges the neurodivergence and spiritual awakening/spiritual path.

I am a bridge for both having been in both camps, and with the “search “ for more, having simply, ended .

It feels pertinent in feeling a wish to be the voice for both camps, to support individuals to meet in the middle and to fully awake into their life force .

Let me know in the comments if you are interested for this community and whether you feel Linkedin is the place or Facebook

I d love to hear your comments and thoughts! I am led by the world and the whirlpool of this endlessly creative #liminality

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