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 Presence centered Psychotherapy - Non dual mentoring/guidance- Sound healing  - Supervision -   Trauma informed mindfulness - Training/Consultancy

Holistic services : Mind Body  Spirit


PCP Presence centered psychotherapy


sound healing

About Maria

Welcome to my site. I am an embodied living paradox ; which goes beyond all roles. I am a guide on your journey toward truth, peace, and inner happiness. Through years of psychotherapy training, continuous professional development, and over 15 years of self-inquiry, I've uncovered the essence of my inner truth. This has shaped what I offer today – which I have coined and termed  © Presence Centered Psychotherapy, supervision, and sound healing. A term that was coined in 2023( all rights reserved). 

My approach is rooted in a deep, embodied understanding of our infinite nature and the interconnectedness of all human beings. At our core lies pure love, a timeless and loving dimension – our universal heart.

I trust in your wounds; they are the gateway to discovering your inner light. The key to liberating yourself from suffering is within your heart. My practice is centered on awareness, unfolding moment to moment. Through the power of presence, I guide you to connect with your already present true essence, delving into the subtle realms of presence. If healing is needed, we safely release the contracted energy stored in your body/mind, influenced by your conditioned past and ancestral lineage.

As my own journey deepens, I witness the dissolution of what no longer serves me, melting away in the universal heart space. Ego becomes like the moon in the daytime sky – still present, yet faded, bathing in the spaciousness of the sky.

Your joy is my joy. Your wounding is my wounding. Your light is my light. From this place, it's evident that we are not separate.

Thank you for trusting yourself, trusting me, and trusting life to walk alongside you on this transformative journey.

I eagerly anticipate meeting you in all your power and vulnerability, for that is who you truly are.

©PresenceCentredPsychotherapy( PCP) . All rights reserved, This terminology is copyrighted under copyright law

Supporting people with :

Psycho spiritual crisis

Embodied awakening

Self harm/ self esteem

Relationship difficulties; with self and others

Stress & Tension

Chakra alignment



Anxiety & Depression

What clients Say

“ Maria is very gifted in the art of sound healing . I honestly didn't know what to expect at first so I entered with an open mind. I had tried different therapies before this including CBT , and I had practiced self care but I still had things I continued to struggle with. After a few sessions I noticed a shift in my mood, of course it was a journey to get to the end result. Maria was there to guide me through the whole process , checking in regularly to see how I was doing. By the end I feel a complete shift in my mood, perspective and overall wellbeing. I also noticed that the pains I had in my body due to stress had gone. I don't think this would have been possible without her so I am very grateful for her work. I highly recommend to anyone who has struggles with your mental health and with stress, it really works, Thank you Maria I am so grateful. ”

Jessica . R

 " The wound is the place where the Light enters you...

  Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing

and right-doing there is a field.

 I’ll meet you there. "


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